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Exploiting blockchain technology to ensure compliance with DSCSA

FDA’s indication that DSCSA’s enforcement will be postponed until November 2018 means that serialization still remains a relevant topic which needs to be talked about. As such, given that serialization has featured heavily on the agenda in the previous years we were keen to offer a new perspective on how DSCSA will affect the industry and what needs to be done to ensure compliance with regulatory expectations.

Bob Celeste from the Center for Supply Chain Studies will be giving an insightful presentation into how blockchain technology can ensure compliance and simplify the process of adhering to the regulatory demands of DSCSA. In the session Bob will aim to highlight how blockchain technology can be utilized as a tool to improve track and trace, recalls and reimbursements while also uncovering ways blockchains’ evolving nature can improve record security, traceability and prevent cyber-attacks and how this can be used in your supply chain. In addition to this Bob’s work at the Center will help to outline serialization best practice to enable small and mid-size pharma to ensure compliance while identifying blockchain strategies as a norm in the industry to simplify internal processes.

In addition to this BluePoint Laboratories will be uncovering the final components needed to finalize the serialization process. In this session we will be enhancing serialization knowledge to ensure you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements while also reviewing serialization strategies implemented around the world to decipher lessons learned as a way of establishing best-practice standards and seeking to unpack how you can ensure your manufacturing partners are adequately equipped to comply with serialization to prevent delays.

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