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Hot topics in packaging and labelling which matter to you

During this two day event which will be packed with novel session covering your packaging and labelling needs we will be from leading experts from both large and medium sized pharma. Janssen, Bayer, Sanofi and Jazz Pharmaceuticals will all be giving presentations on issues which matter to the industry as a whole.

Jazz Pharma will offer an insightful view into how you can establish an accurate global labeling tracking system to ensure your end-to-end labeling is inspection ready and how improvements in end to end labeling can help minimize risk and improve safety. This session will be followed by Sanofi which will build on these lessons whilst evaluating your inspection readiness strategy to guarantee you are on top of the changing labeling landscape and able to react to global guideline alterations without compromising your current timelines. These two sessions promise to serve as a platform to improve labelling departments current operating procures which if carried out effectively will better product safety and prevent regulatory hold ups.

Bayer will be offering two sessions with regards to packaging processes. The first will aim to appreciate how brand loyalty works as a mechanism to generate a bond between your customer and your company that lasts a lifetime and increases your revenue while recognizing the need for your brand to adapt through time; pinpointing sustainability as a key focus of millennials and the impact this will have on your business model and strategy. The second presentation will highlight ways through which you can source the right contract manufacturers throughout the globe to supply what you need, when you need it and from a technical aspect, establish clear requirements component by component leveraging in either similar products produced overseas or with regards to marketing requirements.

 Janssen’s session aims to bridge together the packaging and labelling divide by outlining the need to pinpoint departmental priorities to guarantee internal awareness and prevent silos which reduce effectiveness and increase task repetition.