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2016 Agenda Highlights

The 2016 Asian Banking Forum offered delegates detailed insights into leading bank’s strategies in digital transformation and customer engagement.  Day 1 opened with 2 presentations from HSBC, with Maya Nakhdjavani Rao, Head of Continuous Improvement and Complaints Management providing an insight into the changing viewpoint of customers to truly identify their needs and Sriram Srinivasan, Head of Digital Platforms and Channel Operations at HSBC giving the HSBC story on what it really means to be digital.

Douglas Arner of the University of Hong Kong provided a look at the advent of FinTech 3.5, and the future of the Chinese market, followed by a presentation from China HengFeng Bank on collaboration with FinTech companies to ensure success.

The forum continued with more thought-provoking presentations on the role of non-banking competitors in digital transformation and was rounded off by a presentation from Felimy Greene of Citi presenting on how Citi is transforming in Asia.

For more cutting-edge content and the latest innovations in digital transformation in retail banking, be sure to join us for the 2017 meeting.


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