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About i-exceed:

i-exceed technology solutions is a niche technology products and services company with a primary focus on the financial services industry.

Appzillon, the flagship product from i-exceed, consists of Appzillon Development Platform and Appzillon Digital Banking Suite. The development platform uses the latest digital technologies to rapidly deliver channel and device agnostic applications for smartphones, feature phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops using a unique automated process. The digital banking suite leverages i-exceed ’s experience in building banking solutions and consists of apps that enable banks to offer an engaging end-to-end digital banking experience for their end customers and internal users.

Appzillon is currently powering over 40 financial institutions worldwide in delivering innovative digital banking experiences and is recognized by Gartner as a key player in the MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform) and adjacent markets. Appzillon is also being used by customers in other business verticals such as retail, agriculture, education, etc.

As part of the services business line, i-exceed helps banks implement, transform and customize banking applications and processes. It also helps banks conduct performance management activities that would improve operational efficiency, security, and profitability. 

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