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Driving innovation at every stage of your product development

5th - 6th December, London, UK

Arena International’s is thrilled to announce that our Annual Alcohol Innovation Congress is returning to London in December for the sixth year running on 5th – 6th December 2017. As with last year’s, it looks to draw over 150 attendees from the alcohol industry across all sectors.

Similar to 2016, this year’s event acts as a platform and draws those within the industry to tackle innovation challenges, to understand how best to capitalise on changing consumer desires.

For the first time in Europe, this conference offers a strong focus on product innovation, new product development and all that goes hand-in-hand with it. Drawing on the expertise of industry leaders, this event promotes a collaborative approach across categories to understand how one can learn from another across the whole of the product development cycle and driven primarily by key consumer insight and of-the-moment forecasting.

The agenda tackles a whole spectrum of topics and these will be led by senior individuals from big brands including Diageo, Brown-Forman and Asahi, just to name a few, highlighting innovation strategies that they are implementing in order to tap into both the well-being and premiumisation trends.

Join us to make unrivaled networks, gain a deep-seated knowledge of consumer trends and innovation strategies to stay competitive and reap the rewards.

These sessions, as well as many more, will be presented at our 6th Annual 2017 event. If you wish to attend, please go to our registration page to confirm your place.



Event News

Why has there been an increase in Craft Beer consumption across the UK?

This article will look at the increase in craft beers over the last few years and the reasons why consumers are preferring craft beers over standard beers. Craft beers are produced by small, independent and traditional breweries. 

Why has there been an increase in Prosecco consumption?

This article will look at the increase in prosecco consumption within UK & Europe.  In addition to this, the article will explore the reasons as to why there has been an increase in prosecco consumption and the impact it has had on sales across Europe.  

Who Should Attend

The Alcohol Innovation Congress is a platform for all professionals involved with new product development, innovation product cycles, consultants, health and well-being professionals and finally, those looking to tap into changing consumer trends are brought together.

Key Insight and Future Forecasts

The alcohol industry lends itself to being affected by the changing demands of consumers and their demands. Currently the sector is witnessing two major social movements. The first being a major shift towards premiumisation through cultural changes; people are drinking less, yet  are willing to spend more on beverages when they do yet they are also looking for increasingly challenging flavours and fusions.

Innovation at Every Stage of Development

As the consumer market becomes increasingly crowded, it is evident there has never been a more important time for brands to ensure every element of their product is differentiated carefully from its competitors.

Wine & Champagne

With the wine and champagne category progressively moving to different methods of product communication, this traditional category looks set for big changes in the near future.


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