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NIRAS was founded in 1956 and is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy company with over 2100 employees located in offices in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our business is to provide impartial consultancy in a variety of fields such as construction and infrastructure, public utilities, environmental and natural resources, climate change and energy, planning, and food & beverage.


NIRAS’ heritage as an engineering service provider to the global beer and beverage industry is based on our proud tradition of high level competences, combined with a detailed understanding of the technical, economic, social and environmental aspects of today’s modern breweries. NIRAS has been involved in more than 2000 brewery projects in some 80 countries. We have designed and built more than 50 completely new breweries, and we have had the pleasure of working for all the great brewers of the world.


NIRAS has built up an extensive process knowhow in the beverage industry, and being the leading specialists our certified project managers currently conduct projects around the world for major beverage clients. We design Greenfield projects and new production facilities, and optimise existing operations. Our knowledge and competencies also serve as basis for our consultancy and engineering solutions to deliver OPEX improvements. 

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