Hear from packaging executives as they choose between PET, Can, Pouch and Glass

In the wake of the European Commission’s published guidelines on the Circular Economy, the sector is under increasing pressure to use more recyclable packaging, and to adopt and promote deposit return schemes.

Join us at this year’s Beverage Packaging Congress to hear from some of the sector’s leading representatives using or considering a change between different packaging mediums!

Spotlighting SME innovation in the shape of Gigglewater Wines; the world’s first sparkling wine in a can! As well as MI.AMI, the energy drink without taurine who are toying with the idea of moving from can to pouch to help create more drinking occasions. Or even SUNLOVER the wellness drinks brand, soon to launch their third product and are considering the move from Can to PET bottles. Froosh, the smoothie and fruit juice producer will share with us the ‘Shorty’ innovation – the world’s first cardboard can!

Further to this, the challenge of sustainability is well handled on this year’s programme; with executives presenting from the European Commission, Heineken, Alupro, European Aluminium and Confederation of European Paper Industries. Join over 150 beverage packaging industry executives for the Sustainability driven Panel Discussion to argue which package medium is most suitable, and more importantly, most sustainable.

Countdown to Beverage Packaging Congress 2018