If you have any unique case studies or topics you would like to see covered on the agenda please contact the Programme Director below:

David Jones
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 936 6645


    • 08:00 - 08:30
      • Registration and Breakfast Refreshments

      • 08:40 - 09:10
      • The GlobalData View: 10 Key Drivers of Beverage Packaging

        • Evaluating the influence of population growth on pack sizes, to appeal to more smaller sized households

        • Delving deeper into individualisation and premiumisation trends across Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic sectors, and how this can lead to an increase in sales

        • Considering changing market conditions such as the rise of online shopping and growing demands within the food service category and ascertaining the influence this will have on future packaging design

        • Understanding recent developments within smart packaging and how these can be applied to future packaging innovations to appeal to the consumer’s emotional needs

      • 09:10 - 09:40
      • Reviewing Packaging Innovation At AG Barr

        • Assessing recent packaging innovations at AG Barr

        • Researching trends in the market, to meet consumer expectation

        • Planning for the future, AG Barr’s expectations for beverage packaging

      • 09:40 - 10:10
        • Speaker

          Mete Yurtsever – Marketing Director, EFES Vitanta Moldova Brewery

        Case Study: How to Create Drinking Occasions Through the Use of Different Packaging Types

        • Understanding the power of consumer research when identifying preferred packaging type

        • Can Vs. Pouch Vs. PET, which drinking occasions can be influenced with each depending on consumer use – pouches for sports drinks & cans for on-the-go

        • Addressing the challenge of altering packaging when producing in small batches influenced by consumer demand and seasonal packs, whilst maintaining profit margins

        • Identifying where new drinking occasions can be created through the use of packaging and marketing

      • 10:10 - 10:25
      • Direct-to-Container Digital Printing – Enabling Targeted On-Container Marketing & Good for Sustainability

        • Understanding the benefits of direct container printing for marketing campaigns, including the flexibility to adjust or re-define campaign mid-stream – no pent-up stock in supply chain

        • Reviewing the contribution to sustainability, including reduced/zero waste in supply chain, and aspects of recycling

      • 10:25 - 10:55
        • Morning Tea Break and Networking in the Vendor Lounge

        • 10:55 - 11:25
        • Case Study: How do you Bottle 3600 Years of History?

          • Understanding the importance of packaging design when communicating the benefits of a premium brand

        • 11:25 - 11:55
        • Digital Printing: Enabling Innovation And Creativity In Packaging

          • Briefly outlining recent key developments in digital printing, dispelling popular digital printing myths and misconceptions

          • Exploring how the advantages of digital printing open up new possibilities for packaging design and can inspire creativity within your design teams

          • Sharing examples of how this creativity can lead to eye-catching designs for 'stand-out' packaging, making your product even more likely to be picked up off the shelf and purchased by consumers

        • 11:55 - 12:25
          • Speaker

            Cor Waringa – Senior Global Lead Packaging Materials , Global Production, Heineken Supply Chain

          Assessing the PEF Product Environmental Footprint Pilot and its Relevance for the Packaging Industry

          • Analysing the results from the now complete PEF scheme, what the beverage industry can learn from this

          • Calculating the deeper environmental impact from the use of different suppliers, and how this can be improved when using one way packaging

          • Understanding what are packaging suppliers are doing to reduce their environmental impact, to reduce CO2 emissions and become more sustainable

          • Evaluating what the PEF scheme will mean for suppliers; highlighting those who have scored well, and those who haven’t, and where they need to improve

        • 12:25 - 12:55
        • Case Study: Understanding Froosh’s Packaging Innovations and How this Aligns with their CSR and Sustainability Plan

          • Delving deeper into Froosh’s ‘Shorty’ Can innovation and how this has created different drinking occasions

          • Understanding the challenges faced during production of the ‘Shorty’ and how these were overcome from a small-batch producer prospective

          • Reviewing the company’s’ sustainability plan and how this has effected packaging material choice to remain an ethical beverage producer

          • Evaluating what’s next for Froosh as it strides to become more sustainable and responsible

        • 12:55 - 13:45
          • Lunch and Networking in the Vendor Lounge

          • 13:45 - 14:15
            • Speaker

              An De Schryver – Policy Officer – Environmental Footprint Team, European Commission

            Keynote: Assessing the Results from the Environmental Footprint Pilot Scheme

            • Learning about the Environmental Footprint pilot scheme; why this was launched?

            • Understanding the lessons learnt and how can this be applied from the offset to reduce environmental footprint

            • Understanding what can the packaging industry can do now, to prepare for possible future policy developments

            • Considering what can the packaging industry do to support this scheme, and future pilot projects

          • 14:15 - 15:00
            • Speaker

              An De Schryver – Policy Officer – Environmental Footprint Team, European Commission
            • Speaker

              Cor Waringa – Senior Global Lead Packaging Materials , Global Production, Heineken Supply Chain
            • Speaker

              Jori Ringman – Deputy Director General & Sustainability Director, Confederation of European Paper Industries
            • Speaker

              Rick Hindley – Executive Director, Alupro
            • Chair

              Michaёl Nieuwesteeg – Managing Director, NVC

            Q&A Session, Followed by a Live Panel Debate with the Congress’ Sustainability Experts

            • Uncovering the effects of Brexit and what this means for producers in Britain

            • Understanding different EU member states’ recycling schemes and how these can be applied on a large scale

            • Documenting what needs to be done now to enable swift adherence of the Circular Economy guidelines

            • Assessing the current challenges faced by large scale producers and what can be done to increase recyclability across all packaging types

          • 15:00 - 15:30
          • Uncovering Innovations in Smarter Multi-Packing Solutions to Drive Efficiency

            Reviewing how smarter multi-packing can;

            • Drive operational efficiencies

            • Deliver enhanced environmental efficacy

            • Enhance retailability and increase the focus on primary packaging

            • Transform product perception

          • 15:30 - 16:00
            • Afternoon Tea Break and Networking in the Vendor Lounge

            • 16:20 - 16:50
              • Speaker

                David Lane – Account Executive Brand Owners, Esko

              Packaging Nightmares – Horrific Stories For Bed Time!

              • The 5 common packaging mistakes that cause the most business pain and largest impact on profit

              • How to avoid and/or how to remedy these common packaging mistakes

              • Reviewing some case studies to understand the lessons learnt

            • 16:50 - 17:20
              • Speaker

                Pedro Coelho – International Chief Executive Officer, SUNLOVER

              Case Study: Considering the Importance of Pack Design and Consumer Trials when Launching a New Product

              • An introduction to SUNLOVER, to understand the core principals of the brand and how this effects packaging design

              • Determining the challenge of European labelling restrictions and the practice adopted to communicate the health benefits of the product

              • Analysing the launch of SUNLOVER’s 3rd product to understand how packaging plays a big part to influence the purchasing decision

              • What’s next for SUNLOVER? Reviewing future developments, and assessing the move from Can to PET

            • 17:20 - 17:50
            • Live Interview: Exploiting the Knowledge of the Panel and Audience to Discuss and Challenge Recent Developments in Technology and Materials

              • Addressing the challenge of ‘light-weighting’ whilst considering alternative solutions to become more sustainable during transportation

              • Uncovering polymers available to the food & beverage market, to compare these based on suitability, quality, sustainability and cost

              • Pinpointing recent technology developments to understand how these can improve the manufacturing and filling processes

              • Identifying smart-pack innovations and which cost-effective technology can be adopted on large scale production

            • 17:50 - 18:00
            • Chair’s Summary and Close of Day 1