LATAM Renewable Energy Forum

Listen to the Webinar: Roadmap for RES development in Argentina and LatAm

We are delighted to announce our annual LATAM Renewable Energy Forum in Argentina, Buenos Aires in March 2018. The event will bring together the market leaders in solar and wind industries, auction winners, finance and storage experts, as well as technology providers, regulators, developers and industry bodies in the Argentinian and international renewables sector.

Latin America is poised to take on a prominent role on climate change and renewable energy in the global arena at the moment. Rapid spread of renewable energy in the region has fuelled hope of a global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Growth of renewables in Latin America is forecast to be fuelled by steady development of new projects and increased financial engagement by key players. Funding of these projects is crucial, providing unique opportunities for overseas investors to enter the market or expand market share.

Technological innovations have increased efficiency and reduced costs boosting the grid competitiveness of renewable energy. In countries around the world – notably Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and especially in Argentina  – solar and wind energy are outcompeting fossil fuels. Solar energy is predicted to be cheaper than coal globally by 2025. According to the latest International Energy Agency report, as demand grows over the next five years, renewables will remain the fastest-growing source of electricity.

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Why Argentina?

As a third largest power market in South America, Argentina has some of the most abundant renewable energy resources—steady winds in southern Patagonia, year-round sunshine in the remote northwest, and hydropower and biomass fed by rivers and expansive farmland. Government is hoping to attract $20 billions in investments over the next decade and is expected to auction 10 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity as part of a target to generate a fifth of Argentina’s power from renewable energy sources by 2025 — compared with less than 1 per cent today.

CLER Advisory Board

Dr Erico Spinadel
President, Argentine Wind Energy Association (AAEE)
Regina Ranieri
Business Developer Manager, UL RENOVABLE
Juan Bosch
President, SAESA
Andrés Tahta
Executive Vice President, Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency
Patricia Darez
Country Manager, DNV GL - Energy

Among our attendee


Carlos St. James
Board Member, LAC-CORE
Hernan Rodriguez Cancelo
Partner, PwC Argentina