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Developing regional strategies to ensure smooth clinical trial supply chain

6-7 December 2017, Seoul, South Korea

Thank you to all our attendees at the 2nd Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Asia for making the 2016 meeting such a success! Arena International was delighted to offer this fantastic opportunity to clinical trial professionals in the region.

At the 2016 event, the agenda covered issues in ‘planning and forecasting’, ‘packaging and labelling’, ‘temperature maintenance and cold chain’, ‘shipping, distribution and logistics’, ‘comparator sourcing’, ‘operational challenges’ and ‘entering new markets’.

We, Arena International promise to come back with more cutting-edge topics that meet your clinical trial need in 2017!



Event News

5 attributes to look for when collaborating with a CRO

Within the clinical trials industry, partnership with CROs (Contract Research Organization) is an ongoing topic which is both supported and criticized. A CRO is a service organization that can offer anything from running the whole trial, to running just a part of it. Such organizations can range from very specialist providers, to large providers that are capable of running any part of the trial that a manufacturer may need help with. This article will provide you with a list of attributes ...

Common challenges facing the Korean drug supply chain

South Korea is known within the Asia-Pacific region as being a key player in pharma by specializing in biosimilar as well as being a place which is reliable for companies to conduct clinical trials in. Just like other countries however, Korea also faces a number of challenges with its clinical supply chain. This article will be discusses such key challenges.

Who should attend this event?

For the 3rd Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Asia conference, we will be welcoming a number of your senior industry peers. From across East Asia we look forward to welcoming the following attendees to our events: