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Moving forward, the Direct-to-Patient approach

It is commonly known that clinical trials are complex to operate, demanding protocols and patient recruitment are just some of the issues which many sponsors face today. With multiple complications, new initiatives are always being tested to minimize these discouraging features. One new initiative, the Direct-to-Patient method, has risen in the past decade.

Traditionally, patients are required to travel to a study site, where clinical professionals record data and provide medication to the patient. On the contrary, the Direct-to-Patient concept steers away from this method and relocates the study site to the patient’s home.

What are the benefits of Direct-to-Patient?

1.      Increase patient recruitment

Already, being a patient in any clinical study requires a huge number of responsibilities, one of which is the need to travel frequently to the study site. In some cases, the study site can be located in distant or remote areas. This can have a significant impact on the patient’s life. By shifting the study site to the patient’s home, it eliminates the need to travel, and thus enhancing the likelihood of sign up and reducing drop-outs.


2.      Knock down the geographical barriers

As patients are required to travel to the study site, the number of patients which can take part in a trial is limited, only those who are in proximity of the study site can take part. Such geographical barrier means the pool of patients available is dramatically reduced. As a result, the Direct-to-Patient approach increases the pool size, which could be key to the completion of a trial.

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