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What new sessions will the 2018 programme include?

This year’s conference promises to be our most exciting to date, with presentations from some of the industry’s top leading experts in the field of clinical trial supply. The following are a sample of what you will find in Milan in March:

Luca Russo, VP- Head of Clinical Supply from Janssen will be looking at how Janssen is moving the industry into the 4.0 technological revolution and the business processes which the company is adopting to digitize this space. Given the increased digitalisation of the clinical trial supply arena, this presentation is set to be an insightful opportunity to see how one of the leading global companies is planning to disrupt the traditional way clinical trials are carried out.


Alison Meyers, Director Clinical Liaison Lead, Clinical Interface from GlaxoSmithKline will be showcasing the work the company is carrying out with regards to rolling out patient centric strategies for their supply chain while evaluating which patient centric initiatives are right for your study and company. In addition to this, her presentation will also delve into how to effectively carry out direct to patient trials and what changes will be required of your supply chain.  

·        Michael Stephenson, Associate Director, Clinical Supply Chain Technology and Innovation, Janssen and Ignacio Gomez-Arroyo Bernabeu, Senior Associate Engineer, Clinical Supply Chain Technology and Innovation, Janssen will be giving a presentation on how Janssen is rolling out it’s just-in-time labeling strategy as a mechanism to provide same day delivery. Amongst other things, JinT will eliminate patient unfriendly multilingual booklet labels for clinical packages, reduce packaging campaigns, reduce waste and increase utilization of material


Join us in Milan in March 2018 to hear these and other fascinating case studies.