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Are virtual clinical trials the answer to patient engagement?

Complexities such as patient engagement and retention continue to affect numerous trials within the clinical space. From the initial recruitment process to communications during a trial, patient engagement is crucial to ensuring a trial reaches its enrolment and final participation numbers, as it can be the backbone to validating a trial. 

With such importance, it is no wonder why patient engagement plays such a significant role in clinical trials; however, many participants end up terminating their involvement due to a high number of responsibilities, such as dietary restrictions, inconvenience (travel to the study site) and many more.

As these troublesome factors continue to damage clinical trials, technology has once again come to the rescue, providing a healthy solution which could alter the way clinical trials are carried out. Virtual clinical trials have been deemed as the ultimate solution to the problematic features involved in clinical trials, and we have outlined a few of its benefits below.

Unlike the past, its non physical existence means the trial is free from geographic restrictions, consequently patients can be recruited from literally anywhere, increasing enrolment figures. Furthermore, with the study site being absent, participants are not required to make frequent visits to the study site, as data can be gathered through monitoring devices, and as a result the subject is less likely to depart the trial.

These monitoring devices also bring another advantage to the trial, real time data can be obtained through these devices, enhancing patient safety as doctors are aware of what is happening in real time. Subsequently, this boosts patient confidence and therefore is more likely to participate in trials, enhancing patient retention and recruitment.

Learn and hear more about virtual clinical trials at this year’s Clinical Trial Supply Midwest conference, as we welcome David Adams, Clinical Supplies Lead from Shire to discuss GMP best practices for Direct to Patients and Virtual Clinical Trials.

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