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8th Annual Clinical Trial Supply Southern California conference

12th & 13th June 2018, Del Mar, CA

Clinical Trial Supply Southern California returns on the 12th - 13th June! Once again this event promises to deliver some of the most cutting edge content in the world of Clinical Trial Supplies tailored specifically for the industry in SoCal.

Standout speakers for 2018 include those from Receptos, Intercept and Pacira Pharma. On top of this, the event features some innovative biotech companies from the local area including Valley Fever Solutions and Spectrum Pharma.

Looking to 2018, with important regulatory changes inbound in the form of Annex 16 & Annex 6, the event will surely prove an ideal meeting place for the industry to discuss organisational changes which will be brought on by the changing industry landscape.

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Event News

What to expect from this year’s Clinical Trial Supply Southern California conference?

As the complex nature of clinical trials continues to grow, it is vital for clinical professionals to be informed. For 2018, our CTS team have developed an extensive and informative agenda, to ensure you leave with various concepts to improve your clinical trial supply chain.

Implementing AI to the World of Clinical Trials

As the buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to amplify, excitement and nerves build. Already, AI has been deemed as the 4th industrial revolution. Having boosted productivity in multiple sectors, how can this new technology benefit the world of clinical trials?

Makin the most of your time on site

This year we have a number of interactive sessions which promise to offer something different to the usual conference layout and will answer the questions you’ve wanted to know since our last meeting.

Unpacking the agenda

This year we have a very exciting set of sessions which will cover a range of different topics.

Who should attend this event?

For the 8th Annual Clinical Trial Supply Southern California Conference we will be welcoming a number of senior industry peers. This year you will be given the opportunity to delve straight into the big hot topics facing your clinical supply chain in 2018, ensuring you are fully equipped for the future while tackling emerging challenges.

Countdown to Clinical Trial Supply Southern California 2018