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The Trump Impact

Following the election in November 2016, a new era is beginning to surface as Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of United States. The dramatic impact he has made to the clinical trial supply industry prior to his inauguration has sent shockwaves to the stock market, and if words have caused this much damage, his changes to regulations and laws will surely alter the business landscape in clinical trial supply.

From what we can gather, the Trump administration is likely to take heavy action towards the pharma industry, as witnessed in his healthcare reform proposition and the interview which he had with the Times magazine. With this in mind, it is crucial for clinical trial supply companies to prepare for any unpredictable action and impact in the near future.

Cutting Taxes

In Trump’s campaign, he heavily expressed the importance of reducing corporate income tax. This could actually be a benefit to clinical trial supply businesses, as lowered taxes will result in higher budgets available for areas such as R& D and clinical operations; which could be a major boost for the sector.

Drug prices

However, in a recent interview with the times, Trump mentioned ‘bringing down drug prices’ as pharma companies are ‘getting away with murder’. This could have an adverse affect to clinical trial supply; lowering prices mean less income which could lead to reduction in research and development for complex clinical trials. From which, the industry is likely to produce less innovative and lifesaving products.


On the contrary, evidence suggests Trump will reduce regulations to speed up the drug approval process. If this happens, a less regulated environment provides opportunities for clinical trial supply companies to capitalize on.

Changes to the industry seems inevitable, thus if you want to discuss these compelling areas of concern with industry professionals in the region, our CTS West Coast provides a fantastic opportunity for you to do so; in addition to our senior level speaker line up to examine other key topics in clinical trial supply.

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