If you feel that you could make a strong contribution to the 2017 programme as a speaker or panellist, please contact our production team using the contact details below, we would love to hear from you.

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Programme Director, Retail Events
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    • 08:00 - 08:45
      • Welcome Registration and Refreshments

      • 08:45 - 09:00
      • Chair’s Opening Remarks

      • 09:00 - 09:30
        • Speaker

          Joseph Robinson – UK Research and Consulting Director, GlobalData Retail

        An Exploration of Future Consumer Behaviour

        The opening session will deliver an analysis on consumer behaviour and customer expectations. It will offer guidance on how to engage with and meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers

        • An indepth analysis on consumer trends – how are customers engaging with retailers and how can retailers best manage this relationship?

        • How are major events like Brexit impacting consumer behavior now and in the future

        • What can retailers do to manage an unpredictable retailing climate and win more customers?

        • Analysing the connection between customer satisfaction and business financial performance

      • 09:30 - 10:00
      • Steps for Setting and Delivering on Customer Expectations

        This session will explore how to set customer service standards and truly understand what the customer expects from their experience. Delivering on promises is vital to ensuring customers are satisfied and we’ll look to how retailers can ensure standards are met

        • Setting customer expectations early based on your target market – delivering on the standards expected based on the price and type of retail you deliver

        • Utilising benchmarked customer satisfaction data to ensure your services meet standards

        • Ensuring service standards can be met – avoiding over-promising to ensure you deliver what you set out

        • Responding to service failures – reacting quickly to drops in service standards to reduce the impact on the customer and the business reputation

      • 10:00 - 10:30
        • Speaker

          Clare Muscutt – Head of Customer Experience Design, Sainsbury's

        Designing the Omnichannel Customer Experience

        This session will look at creating your omni-channel service from the customer up. We’ll be looking at how to design services around the needs of customers and how this design process can redefine how the brand interacts with the customer base at all contact points.

        • Steps to designing a customer centric approach to omnichannel retailing and ensure standards are delivered in every interaction

        • Defining the brand through CX design – planning what the brand should be in the future and steps for realising your vision

        • Aligning the business into a customer centric approach – how can departments work together on a united plan for customer service?

        • Delivering personalised services to a wide cohort of customers – finding out what customer services means to the customer and matching their different needs

      • 10:30 - 11:00
        • Morning Refreshments and Networking

          The exhibition will feature a line-up of innovative, scalable and proven solutions to help retailers grow.

        • 11:00 - 11:30
          • Speaker

            Mark Felix – Director Online Trade, John Lewis

          Case Study – Creating a Captivating In Store Experience

          As the role of the high street changes we’ll be looking at retailers in-store approach to customer service and how one retailer created spaces for excellence in face to face customer service

          • How can digital tools such as VR be used in store to create unique experiences

          • How we designed an attractive in store experience which entices consumers to visit the high street

          • Training in store staff to deliver excellence face to face and build a culture of customer centric service

          • Creating experiences in store to inspire shoppers to purchase on other sales channels?

        • 11:30 - 12:00
          • Speaker

            Mike Massimi – Customer Experience Director, Photobox

          Engaging all Consumers Online

          This session will explore how to deliver excellent online customer service for all shoppers and bring together shared experiences for older and younger consumers. We’ll explore how to balance engaging less digitally connected consumers with delivering next generation service for the digitally savvy

          • How are all demographics engaging with retailers online – as a retailer how do you meet the different digital expectations of all consumers

          • An examination of digital marketing tools to engage consumers – how, when and where to digitally connect

          • Creating a seamless brand across all shopping channels – how to ensure shoppers identify with both your in-store and digital brand

        • 12:00 - 12:30
          • Speaker

            James Mitton – Customer Service Director, Shop Direct

          Exploring Digital Tools for Capturing Tomorrow’s Spenders

          We’ll examine how to connect with the next generation of spenders and create loyalty which lasts – how are generation X and Z engaging with brands and what steps should retailers take to meet their digital expectations

          • How are younger generations utilising digital channels to connect with retailers – how can we collect and analyse this customer data to deliver personalised services

          • What does customer service mean to generation X and Z – how can retailers design services to meet different expectations?

          • Measuring which channels deliver return – can retailers deliver meaningful customer service across social media and where should they be investing resources

          • Where next for connecting with the next generation – planning future strategies for delivering customer service for the future

        • 12:30 - 13:30
          • Lunch and networking

            The exhibition will feature a line-up of innovative, scalable and proven solutions to help retailers grow

          • 13:30 - 14:00
          • Case Study: Understanding and Building Services around Customer’s Needs

            This session will offer insight into how Mamas & Papas connected directly with their customers to investigate their needs and design service offerings directly around them. By taking a different approach to the customer and talking to them as people rather than consumers, Mamas and Papas were able to identify new ways to deliver solutions to their needs.

            • Moving beyond business as usual – how should retailers approach service design to improve customer loyalty?

            • Understanding the core needs of your customer base to identify areas of opportunity for the retailer

            • Introducing a flexible approach to service design – identifying customer behaviour and opportunities for the retailer to offer solutions

            • Increasing the value of the retailer to the customer – what more can we do to serve our customer’s needs

            • Working in an agile way to quickly, pilot, trial and test to reduce risk and cost to launch

          • 14:00 - 14:30
          • Enhancing the Online Experience for the Connected Consumer

            This session will examine the differences and similarities between the online and in-store consumer, looking how to integrate service standards to deliver a seamless customer experience

            • Exploring how shoppers are making their buying decisions and connecting with them on all steps of the customer journey

            • To what extent to customers digital expectations differ from in-store and what can retailers do to deliver a distinct online experience?

            • Designing a seamless omni-channel experience for all consumers – how are do different geographies and demographics connect with retailers online?

            • Creating a single-view of the consumer to deliver personalised services both digitally and in-store

          • 14:30 - 15:00
          • Case Study – Steps for Building Consumer Loyalty

            We’ll be exploring the strategies behind customer loyalty and what retailers can do to turn consumers into brand advocates

            • What steps are retailers taking to compile a better understanding of their customers and designing their services around their customers?

            • Implementing digital tools to drive loyalty schemes – the role of apps and gamification in enhancing loyalty

            • How can brand identity drive customer loyalty and what steps should retailers take to build a brand which resonates with consumers

            • How can retailers use customer feedback to drive loyalty – the steps to listening and acting on customer satisfaction surveys

          • 15:00 - 15:15
            • Technology Spotlight delivered by Qmatic

            • 15:15 - 15:45
              • Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

                The exhibition will feature a line-up of innovative, scalable and proven solutions to help retailers grow

              • 15:45 - 16:15
                • Speaker

                  Rob Graham – Customer Engagement Centre Director, Tesco

                Managing Customer Feedback in a Constantly Connected World

                In a 24/7 online world we’ll be discussing how retailers can respond to constant customer feedback and the steps to delivering excellent customer service across all contact channels

                • Strategies for managing customer service via social media – delivering a positive brand message

                • How should retailers use digital tools to deliver customer service across all contact channels

                • How should retailers gather and act on customer feedback from online channels?

                • The role of data analytics to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement and growth

              • 16:15 - 16:45
              • What Does the 2017 Consumer Survey Tell us About the Future of Retail?

                Featuring a presentation from GlobalData Retail we’ll be examining what the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey tells us about the future of retail. We’ll be drawing out trends for customer satisfaction and what steps retailers should be taking now to improve service for tomorrow

              • 16:45 - 17:00
              • Chair's Closing Remarks

              • 17:00 - 19:00
                • Welcome to the Customer Satisfaction Awards

                  Join us for an evening celebrating the best in UK retail; the Customer Satisfaction Awards have a unique presence in the retail industry. The 2017 awards are based on a consumer survey of 12,000 individuals rating the retailers they have shopped at over the last year, making these results the most comprehensive and important measure of customer satisfaction in the UK retail sector.

                  Categories Include:

                  • Best Retailer

                  • Best Food Retailer

                  • Best Clothing Retailer

                  • Best Footwear Retailer

                  • Best Electricals Retailer

                  • Best Homewares Retailer

                  • Best Furniture Retailer

                  • Best Health & Beauty Retailer

                  • Best DIY & Gardening Retailer

                  • Best Instore Experience

                  • Best Online Experience

                  • Best Online Retailer

                  • Best Online Fulfilment Retailer

                  • Best Click & Collect Retailer