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Leveraging on Design Thinking to Drive Innovation in Your Company, and Deliver Higher Customer Experience

Meet us at the next Customer Experience in Financial Services Summit and Award in Singapore to understand how design thinking is transforming customer experience. This “method for practical, creative resolution of problems” (definition: Wikipedia) is completely disrupting the way financial services are thinking about customer experience, driving changes within their organisation and developing new products. Indeed institutions are more and more putting the customer at the centre of processes, the main question being: will this new product, this new process, this internal organisation, deliver a better customer experience?

This new way of thinking about customer experience will be presented through 2 different sessions and aspect. Axel Gormand from BNP Paribas will deliberate with us how they are using design thinking to develop new products and new customer services that fit the client’s needs. He will also share with us the different challenges they are facing in this process. Neil Gardner from Generali, will present how to redesign the internal organisation of your company from a customer satisfaction point of view. In this insightful session, Neil will present how to rethink the internal organisation of your company to better serve the customer.

Do you really want to miss on those 2 fantastic sessions which will provide you with key takeaways and effective networking? Of course not, so book your tickets now!

Countdown to Customer Experience in Financial Services Summit and Awards 2018