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Assemble the Winning Formula at the 2018 Dairy Innovation Summit

Ever since the dairy quota was removed, the dairy market has been extremely volatile. Many businesses are experiencing difficulties as the saturated market continues to narrow. In order to maintain a prominent position, competitive advantage is the kryptonite everyone is searching for.

In addition to global health trends, changing consumer preferences have created a gap in the market. On the one hand, this has created challenges as communication strategies have to be reformulated. On the other, it has created a new angle for businesses to exploit.

Increasing pressure means dairy professionals must acknowledge all the threats and opportunities present, to devise the winning formula and fend off fierce competition. If this is your goal, the Dairy Innovation Summit is an unmissable event for you! Having researched into various pressing topics and lengthy discussions with industry elites, we have created an end-to-end programme which could separate you from your competition!

New Product Development:

With NPD playing a central theme to this year’s agenda, here are some of the sessions which we will cover:

·         Creating better natural products which capture new demands from consumers 

·         Megatrends push for dairy product innovations

·         Uncovering untapped potential within the cheese market

·         Looking for new innovations in sugar reduction in the dairy industry to ensure compliance and meet customer expectations


As consumer preferences continue to alter, this will be an incredible opportunity for you to gather exclusive insight for your next strategic move.

·         Dairy vs the rest: market trends and consumer perspectives

·         Developing provocative communication to change perception of dairy products in consumer mentality

·         Understanding how dairy fits in the 21st century to get a clearer vision for new consumer habits

·         Developing provocative communication to change perception of dairy products in consumer mentality

If you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, join us in Amsterdam as we delve into various pressing topics aced by the dairy industry today! Find out more here: or alternatively email us at: