Discussing the Barriers for mHealth Expansion in the Nordics

This 2017 mHealth Technology Congress  agenda will feature 2 very important panel discussions featuring senior speakers from across the region, the debates will focus on the main challenges the industry of mhealth in facing and look for answers to overcome common barriers -

1.      Exploring the dilemma between data sharing and better care

This panel discussion will debate how to balance data privacy and regulation with the benefits of greater data sharing. We will ask if regulators are overestimating patients’ concern on data protection and what can be done to widen access to information. We’ll debate the positive aspects of data sharing, the improved patient experience, greater access to remote and virtual treatments and utilisation of data for advances in medical research. We’ll also discuss how to better protect patient data from cyber-attacks, looking at the role of patients, clinicians and technology in enhancing security.

2.      Unveiling the role mHealth Implementation Within the Healthcare System to Improve the Treatment and Follow-up of the Patients

We’re looking to move beyond testing and pilots to the common use of mHealth technology on a wide scale in both health and social care. The core challenges of change management within the workforce, the ever present problem of interoperability, the on-going budgetary, reimbursement  and governance issues and the technical barriers of  integration of the data generated by mhealth devices will all be debated by our executive panel. This is one session not to be missed.