Driving Efficiency through your Supply Chain

Efficiency within clinical supply chain remains a key priority for current sponsor companies. This year we will be offered a brand new perspective on the use of single sites for multiple studies.

This innovative case study comes from a guest Canadian presenter ChrystaMayhew, the DeputyDirector of ClinicalManufacturing and Bioprocess Research & Development, Sanofi. Chrysta has extensive experience in managing clinical materials at GMP facilities, and will be sharing her advice into how sponsor companies can drive efficiencies across their sites.

In addition we also have an exclusive Director Interview with the Director of Clinical Operations at Cleave Biosciences on how smaller companies can manage their supply chain with limited resources

This exclusive interview will delve into how Cleave Biosciences has succeeded in managing a clinical trial supply chain with limited resources. This interview will give delegates the chance to ask questions to the interviewee about key industry challenges.

Don’t miss out on hearing some of these key discussions exclusive for 2017 only!