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Discussing the disruptors – Fintech: Friend or Foe

For several years now there have been a growing number of financial technology companies joining the industry and they have now fully established themselves as key players in the financial services industry. Fintech companies are pushing forward with more customer centric strategies and technologies but are arguably lacking the size and trust that traditional banks have.

Customer satisfaction is playing an ever more dominant role in the industry and the traditional banks must re-design their internal structures to ensure they are meeting the streamlined needs of the customer.

The traditional banks must now decide what approach to take when it comes to the Fintechs. Should they be a partner? Should they buy them up? Can they integrate these companies seamlessly into their make up? Or can they learn from Fintech and make changes from within?

These challenges and concepts will be debated and explored in an insightful and engaging panel discussion at the EBF Digital Transformation in Retail Banking event in May 2017.

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