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Exploring ways to bring your Agility A-Game

Legacy systems are still very much the thorn in the side of banks’ digital transformation. These legacy systems prevent traditional banks from moving as quickly from innovation to implementation as their smaller, more agile, competitors. These smaller competitors are able to respond to customer demands quickly so that they are constantly getting ever closer to exactly what the customer wants.

This customer-centric product development is more important than ever – with customers being used to the level of usability and personalisation offered by Google, Spotify, Netflix and the likes. As such, it’s no surprise that the word on everybody’s lips at the moment is ‘agility’ – banks need as much of this as they can get so that they become ever more customer-centric.

The difficulty is that there is no one-size-fits-all way to increase agility. The traditional banks are faced with finding the best way to achieve this. Should they set up a subsidiary? Will an internal cultural shift suffice? How much does their internal structure need to change? How should it be changed?

At the EBF: Digital Transformation in Retail Banking 2018 event you will have the opportunity to hear case studies from banks who employed various strategies to increase their agility. From ING’s tribe model, to Nordea’s cultural shift and ABN AMRO’s Challenger Bank MoneYou, these case studies will help you figure out what works best for your organisation.

Countdown to EBF Digital Transformation in Retail Banking 2018