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Kofax from Lexmark makes the First Mile™ of financial services smarter by automating the information intensive, real-time customer interactions where customer loyalty is won or lost. Kofax solutions engage customers where they are, when they want, and how they want. They extend power to the customer and make business processes work whether it’s a simple hassle-free account opening or an interactive mortgage loan process.


Kofax solutions are ideal for the following types of financial services use cases:

  • Mortgage processing
  • Customer onboarding
  • Compliance management
  • New business underwriting
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Customer engagement


Key Benefits:

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Implement Next-Generation Customer Service
  • Extend Mobile Capabilities to New Processes
  • Analytics
  • Build a Rock-Solid Compliance Platform

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