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Pradeo is a global company, leader in the mobile security field, offering innovative solutions to protect devices (smartphones, tablets or connected objects) and master applications.

Pradeo’s next generation technology, recognized by Gartner for the fourth consecutive year, provides a reliable detection of threats to protect from data leakage and enforce compliance with data privacy regulations.

PRADEO SECURITY solution delivers complete, automatic and seamless services to detect and qualify suspicious activities and vulnerabilities and proactively protect devices, applications and sensitive data with a full 360° security approach.

PRADEO SECURITY answers to the following use cases:

-          Mobile Threat Defense: protect your mobile devices with a multi-layers solution (Apps, network, OS) checking in real time the security compliance of any device (corporate or BYOD).

-          Apps Security Testing: rely on a ready to use web platform and get in one click a detailed security report providing a full visibility on behaviors and vulnerabilities of any mobile app.

-          Runtime Application Self-Protection: Integrate a self-defense SDK into your critical App to manage threats on the user’s device with a 360° approach and react according to detected security breaches.

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