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Dealing with Data Standards

In addition to ODMv2, at the Clinical Data Integration and Management delegates will be able to learn more about metadata management via the CDISC SHARE software, eSource using HL7 FHIR integration, and how to manage projects on using ODM-based standards for regulatory submissions.

Extremely important is going to be how technology is working on new things intended to improve integrations as the industry should be considering implementing standards application to monitor and make data integration easier, as having to exchange data format must be done properly and also another crucial task is to monitor a whole lot of new data, for this reason if file based is standardized, everything could be done in a more straightforward way, providing software to have more automated work and fewer PDF uploads.

Also looking at ways to represent semantics in a more uniform way could make your work consistent and machine more readable.

One more essential point is to set an end to end scene by creating a protocol after gathering data to generate standardized results and then possibly achieving a successful submission. Can this be done keeping separate standards?

This and much more about the standards world will be unravelled at our event thanks to the presence of Sam Hume (Head of Data Exchange Technologies, CDISC)  - our audience will have the rare opportunity to know more about all of the new technologic solutions coming before anyone else with the possibility to be engaged in an exciting Q&As session.

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