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Pros and Cons of Risk Based Monitoring

One of the key discussions at the event will be about the potential effect of the risk based monitoring method – does it really work?

Is it possible to identify relevant potential risks and those intolerances coming from them? Is it possible to answer these questions by looking at different sites to see if there is any discrepancy to determine if the risk is there.

The question is - does it make a difference? Professionals working in sites may be wary about risk based monitoring and its methodology. At Clinical Data Integration and Management, we can give you all the answers you need: how to make right assumptions about trends, to compare protocols in the compound and sites.

The discussion will help all the audience in understanding the details of data collected and quicken your drug development process and its eventual approval, which of course will benefit patients as well. It is crucial to make your process quicker and safer because of the new amount of data gathered over your trials which is incredibly larger thain the past - how to handle all of this without those past limitations which made your work go slower? Can real time data gathering be such a great help to be able to begin looking at your information immediately to determine your final conclusions?

At the event there is going to be the chance for participants to learn more about all of this, having a concrete chance to bring back to your organization a new way to identify outliers and make your trials straightforward.


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