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  • Jonathan Andrus

    Chief Operating Officer, Chief Data Officer, CLINICAL INK

  • Carol Antinori

    Director, Data Management and Analysis, MORPHOTEK

  • Patti Arsenault

    Director, Global Head, Clinical Data Management, CYTEL

  • Sara Marie BigelowSara Marie Bigelow

    Clinical Data Associate, Biomedicines, ELI LILLY AND COMPANY

  • Robert J Boland

    Associate Director of Innovation Strategy, Emerging Science & Innovation, JOHNSON & JOHNSON

  • Karyn Cassello

    Director, Clinical Data Management, NEKTAR THERAPEUTICS

  • Catherine DillonCatherine Dillon

    Associate Director of Trial Operations, MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA

  • Bernd DoetzkiesBernd Doetzkies

    Director Informatics, DAIICHI SANKYO

  • Kevin Douglass

    Director, Data Management, DAIICHI SANKYO

  • Gina Eagle

    Vice President of Clinical Development, INSMED

  • Audrey HillAudrey Hill

    Director, Data Management, ADVAXIS

  • Le Phoung HuaLe Phoung Hua

    Associate Director, Data Management System, ASTELLAS PHARMA GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT, INC

  • Terry KatzTerry Katz

    Director, Head of Global Data Management and Statistics, MERCK ANIMAL HEALTH

  • Irene Pak

    Associate Director, Disease Area Information Lead, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

  • Mark Paul

    Senior Vice President, CROS NT

  • Kenneth David Fernandez Prada


  • Katrina Rice

    EVP Professional Services, ECLINICAL SOLUTIONS

  • Wandy Romain

    Specialist, Clinical Data Management, MERCK ANIMAL HEALTH

  • Philip C Ross, Ph.D.Philip C Ross, Ph.D.

    Director, Clinical and Translational Data Science, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

  • Peter Smilansky

    Senior VP, Product Strategy

  • Laszlo Vasko

    Senior Director, Information Integration Lead, R&D Information, ASTRAZENECA

  • Thomas Verish

    Senior Director, Data Operations & Clinical Infrastructure, CSL BEHRING

  • Susan Walters

    Senior Site Coordinator, SANOFI

  • Steve Young

    Senior Vice President of US operations, CLUEPOINTS S.A

  • Steve Young

    Senior Vice President of US Operations, CLUEPOINTS S.A.

  • Patrick ZbyszewskiPatrick Zbyszewski

    Executive Director of Project and Data Management, ONCONOVA THERAPEUTICS

  • Wenle ZhaoWenle Zhao

    Associate Director of IS/IT, Data Coordination Unit, MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA

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