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Among our latest features, Antoine Freyss, Master Site Manager – IRT, Novartis (Switzerland) describes how IRT systems help clinical operations in a cost effective manner. With more and more trials taking place around the globe, the strain this has placed on the industry seems to know no bounds with a multitude of data being generated on a daily basis. In his article, Freyss explains how the use of IRT can streamline clinical trial processes.

Meanwhile, Marisa Piaggio, Clinical Project Manager, Galamed Pharmaceuticals (Argentina) provides an excellent overview on what companies should know when initiating trials in Latin America (LatAm). For sponsors looking to expand their presence abroad, Piaggio offers unique insight on her experiences starting up trials in an emerging market.

Regardless of which area you’re involved in, Clinical Trials Arena strives to deliver high quality content that impacts you from a global perspective. With over 50 percent of our articles written by industry professionals, CTA stands alone as the number one site for the industry about the industry.

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