Exploring the Patient’s Point of View on mHealth Technology

This year, the mHealth Technology Congress will present the patient’s point of view. Sara Riggare is a researcher, PhD Student at the Karolinska Institute, but also a patient. Sara was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when she was 13 years old and went on to study health informatics, concentrating her research on “Personal observations as a tool for improvement in chronic disease”.

Sara Riggare will present a two-fold perspective session, from a patient point a view, with researcher knowledge. She is renowned amongst her peers for her insight and experience of self-tracking: “I have called myself a self-tracker since the first time I heard the word. The concept of using technology to collect data about myself and then analysing that data to better understand different aspects of myself and my surroundings has always resonated strongly with me, both as an engineer and as a researcher.”

Sara will present how self-tracking can help patients manage their conditions and live an easier and healthier life. She will also present how the collection of data can enable clinicians establishing prevention treatment and strategies adapted to them.

To hear more about Sara’s work visit her website -