Extensively researched with Europe’s top banks, the program for the 2017 Harnessing Fintech Innovation in Retail Banking conference includes an exciting mix of topics and session formats. The meeting will be an interactive platform for the banking sector to collaborate and problem-solve on the most pressing challenges in financial technology innovation.

If you have a case study, or key message to deliver to this audience, please contact the Programme Director below with your proposal

Anne-Marie Mongan

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    • 08:00 - 08:20
      • Registration and refreshments

      • 08:20 - 08:30
        • Speaker

          Kit Carson – Head of Banking, Payments and Fintech, GlobalData

        Chairperson's opening remarks

      • 08:30 - 09:05
      • Panel Discussion: Building the bank of the future to ensure you remain relevant to consumers

        • Determining how traditional banks can successfully compete with disruptors in the market to avoid becoming a pure utility to customers

        • Exploring the potential impact of the CMA’s retail banking investigation remedies to determine how they will affect the future of banking

        • Investigating how banks can rework their business models to sit better with the digital infrastructure

        • Debating the importance of getting rid of old processes versus inventing new ideas to determine the most efficient way of changing your internal structure

        • Highlighting what new skills must be acquired to ensure your business is future-ready

        • Investigating new revenue models to ensure you have the capabilities for long-term growth

      • 09:05 - 09:45
      • Automating compliance - the problem, the solution, the innovation

        • KYC, AML – highlighting the ever-growing operational challenges of compliance and due diligence

        • The constant battle of focusing your compliance team between on-boarding of new customers and ensuring that all on-going monitoring is in order

        • Keeping up with new regulations, new risks, new internal policies, and being able to tweak such rules to best accommodate clientele

        • Demoing the impact that one of the latest fintech / regtech products called KYC Portal is having on the market

        • Product case scenario within retail banking, automating the operational aspect of compliance with risk based scoring, face-to-face video conferencing, identification monitoring engine, real time transaction monitoring and direct customer interaction for reduced touch points

        • Exploring the benefits of a global compliance WIKI with all the latest trends, risks, rules, documents, questionnaires across the entire community

      • 09:45 - 10:15
      • Case Study : Sharing how best to manage your Open Innovation to gain maximum benefits for the bank

        • Exploring the benefits of working with start-ups to scale up their technology instead of creating technology from scratch to ensure it works for your customer base before investing

        • Describing how to integrate start-ups into the open innovation platform

        • Highlighting how to build a platform which any start-up can plug into

        • Evaluating which departments should be involved in the creation of your open innovation platform

      • 10:15 - 10:45
        • Speaker

          Jennifer Hansen – Global Head of Sales Strategy and Execution, Saxo Markets

        The future of FinTech. Rethinking how to develop for future clients and driving innovation through collaboration

        • Exploring how market conditions are spurring banks into looking for increased efficiencies through collaboration

        • Identifying the key drivers that banks consider when collaborating with other banks or third party-technology firms

        • Questioning what advantages APIs offer that GUIs cannot

        • Evaluating the challenges that banks need to consider when embarking on partnerships or alliances

        • Investigating what aspects of collaboration banks tend to underestimate in terms of complexity or any other unforeseen headaches

      • 10:45 - 11:15
        • Networking and Refreshments

        • 11:15 - 11:45
          • Speaker

            Arto Kulha – Head of Nordea Accelerator, Nordea

          Workshop: Sharing ideas to increase the implementation rate of innovation lab projects in the bank to ensure you are getting tangible benefits

          • Determining the benefits of creating a separate environment to allow for innovation away from the strictly regulated environment of the bank

          • Exploring how to improve communication between the front-office and innovation lab to prevent a disconnect between product owners and innovators

          • Evaluating how to efficiently adapt technology from the creative environment to the banks’ regulatory requirements and client base to prevent innovations getting discarded

          • Exploring the benefits of having an incentive-based salary in innovation labs to shorten project timelines

          • Underlining how to improve communication between multiple innovation labs to minimise overlap in projects

        • 11:45 - 12:15
        • Blockchain: From Project to Production!

          • Evaluating where blockchain can have the most immediate impacts on your business

          • Determining the mix of blockchain and traditional technologies to best support your use case

          • Locating the barriers to launch and addressing the reality that risk and compliance will be fundamental drivers of your design choices

          • Creating blockchain solutions that allow you to best take advantage of the opportunities presented while minimizing your risk profile, and complying with applicable regulations

        • 12:15 - 12:45
        • Determining how the culture of traditional banks needs to change to better support innovation

          • Exploring how to enhance the relationship between innovation and risk and governance to quicken the testing process of fintech

          • Evaluating the benefits of hiring technology company insiders to redefine the bank’s system and culture

          • Defining a communication platform to regularly discuss issues with the core banking team to overcome legacy system challenges

          • Investigating how the decision-making process within the bank can be streamlined to better accommodate innovative projects

          • Evaluating how a bank can realistically set aside money and resources for cultural change while protecting profit margins

        • 12:45 - 14:00
          • Lunch and Networking with Drinks Reception

          • 14:00 - 14:30
          • Exploring how to foster innovative mindsets across verticals to ensure your organisation is innovative in the long-term

            • Sharing perspectives from the insurance and banking sector to determine what they can learn from each other

            • Exploring innovation cultures across nationalities to investigate how best to encourage innovation in an international bank

            • Investigating new innovative methods of encouraging an innovative mindset across the organisation

          • 14:30 - 15:00
          • Confessions of a Fintech – Moving From a Fling to a Meaningful Relationship

            • In-house or outsourced? Interrogating what value can Fintech’s deliver to banks?

            • Exploring insights from a Fintech on how banks can effectively utilise outsourced technologies

            • Describing how Fintechs can help to bridge the capability gap within banks and become trusted innovation partner

            . • Detailing an inside perspective on what to look for when selecting a Fintech and how bank’s can create a foundation for meaningful relationships with their partners and customers

          • 15:00 - 16:00
          • Lightning Round: Discussing various models for fintech integration to determine which allows for the most seamless transition from conception to client usage

            This session will consist of 4x 15 minute case study presentations on fintech integration models followed by an audience Q&A

            • Defining your model (incubator, accelerator, venture fund, etc) to determine its benefits and limitations

            • Exploring the benefits of a partnership and corporation model to enable easy integration of services and expansion to multiple markets

            • Underlining alternatives to buying fintechs outright to ensure that they do not lose their motivation and innovative culture

            • Evaluating how to make different models work together within the bank to ensure maximum benefits

            • Debating whether an external innovation strategy threatens the bank’s unique DNA to determine the benefits of building fintech in-house

          • 16:00 - 16:20
          • Follow-Up Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

            Moderated by Capgemini

          • 16:20 - 16:50
            • Afternoon refreshments and networking

            • 16:50 - 17:20
              • Speaker

                Toya Dilles – Innovation Catalyst @ Home for Innovation, BNP Paribas Fortis

              Evaluating how banks can spread innovation as a responsibility throughout the organisation to ensure all employees are stakeholders in the innovation strategy

              • Investigating inventive training strategies to instil innovation within employees

              • Highlighting the challenge of getting innovative ideas in front of upper management in a large organisation as opposed to a start-up to determine how banks can disrupt their vertical structure

              • Exploring the benefits of having regular company-wide ‘hack-a-thons’ or innovations weeks to encourage ideas based on client needs

              • Determining how to transform employees into ‘entrepreneurs’ to encourage innovative thinking in all areas of the bank

              • Evaluating best practices for transforming employee ideas into real projects to ensure they are seeing the value of their contribution

            • 17:20 - 17:50
              • Speaker

                Robert Kerner – Head of Innovation: Business and Private Banking, Natwest

              Linking business strategy with innovation to balance risk and creativity

              • Highlighting the importance of business strategy and innovation feeding into each other to ensure projects have maximum benefit for the bank

              • Underlining the need to match the speed of innovation to the strategy cycle to ensure strategy departments can respond to new developments

              • Exploring how innovation departments can better work in conjunction with the banks’ overall business strategy to ensure innovations are answering fundamental needs

              • Determining the benefits of having consistent terminology between departments to avoid communication getting ‘lost in translation’

              • Investigating how banks can best invest in real structural change to ensure better synergy between business strategy and innovation

            • 17:50 - 18:00
              • Speaker

                Kit Carson – Head of Banking, Payments and Fintech, GlobalData

              Chairperson’s summation and close of day one