The Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC)

Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) is a 100% non-profit profit Social Enterprise providing high quality accessibility testing and solutions services AND providing disabled people with sustainable, permanent employment in an office/team environment.

The former helps us to achieve the latter.

20 of our 25 staff have disabilities and many use assistive technologies to access websites.  They work together as a team, checking web sites, mobile Apps, mobile web, e-learning platforms, intranets, internal applications and in fact anything digital and their test results supplement our expert technical findings to provide robust test results for our clients.

We work with many UK government agencies, testing digital products to make sure they are accessible to as many customers as possible.

All profits made are reinvested in the business to ultimately increase the amount of disabled staff we are able to employ.

DAC is an accredited ‘Living Wage’ employer.

DAC won the 2015 Communities 2.0 for Best Enterprise.

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