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What’s New For FPRS 2017

Deadline Draws Closer
The deadline for becoming compliant with the EN45545 is drawing closer. This edition of FPRS will look at all the need to know updates made to this revision of the standard in order to prepare operators, manufacturers and suppliers with the knowledge on how to ensure their products adhere to requirements.

Improved Testing
We have exclusive case studies from global research institutes, sharing real life data and exclusive insight. These case studies will go into detail on testing methodologies and the conclusion to be drawn from the gathered analytics. Testing methodologies will also be compared on the basis of achievable end results and minimising costs.

FPRS will challenge the industry as a whole, to consider both rolling stock and infrastructure from design conception to execution of a product and during operation. Considering other sectors and its influence on each other can drastically improve performance of products and also reduce costs through unnecessary equipment and testing.

Global Market Input
We’ll have extensive representation from Europe including; Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Spain. Alongside this we also have a large global input from beyond Europe, with insight from research institutes and operators from India, USA and Japan. We aim to provide a global collaborative input to drive the industry forward as a collective and improve potential access to new markets all over the world.

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