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ContiTech Railway Solutions

Every day, millions and millions of people all over the world travel by rail. From metros, to trams, to regional and high-speed trains. With increasing standards in comfort and safety. Fully aware of this responsibility, manufacturers are building on the innovative suspension concepts introduced by ContiTech Railway Solutions – the specialists in advanced spring technology. For over 60 years, we at Air Spring Systems have been skilfully and passionately working on future-oriented solutions to improve public transport. Whether it is three stops by metro to work, or to the other side of the country by high-speed train, we want every passenger to reach their destination as conveniently and reliably as possible. To do this, we develop trendsetting suspension concepts for shock absorption and soundproofing in local and long-distance transport around the world. Over the years, our primary and secondary spring systems have made travelling by rail and train an increasingly pleasant and quiet experience. Not to mention faster, safer and more reliable. Each of our developments is put through its paces under authentic, real-life conditions in our certified testing laboratory – for maximum performance under extreme strains such as heat, cold or high speed. As a full-service partner, we work closely with our partners to create customised, individual solutions – from material development, to product tests, sample and series production, to assembly and all necessary servicing and maintenance.

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