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Enhancing fire safety through simulation

With fire incidents in decline, it is clear that technology has once again contributed to this success.  Whether it is a newly developed fire detection system or a novel protective coating, multiple contributions have created a safer environment for the general public.

Although we should be celebrating this incredible achievement, the implications which it carries cannot be ignored. As fewer incidents occur, fire and rescue services have fewer opportunities to learn from real-life scenarios, consequently increasing the risk of ‘skill fade’.

Nonetheless, technology has gifted us with the ability to imitate scenarios. Simulation has emerged as a significant force to combat skill fade. With rapid development in virtual reality in the past decade, we are now able to create lifelike scenarios in a harmless setting, even if they were previously deemed to complex and costly to build e.g. large fire in multi-storey building.  

Furthermore, technology has also enabled us to replay scenarios for evaluation, which is a crucial part of the learning process. This analysis allows individuals/teams to improve the cognitive decision making process in incident command, meaning better decisions for future incidents.

If you want to find out more about how simulation can help fire protection, why not join us at this year’s Fire Protection of Rolling Stock conference! For 2017, we are delighted to welcome DR. Fabien Braennstroem, Expert in Thermodynamics from Bombadier Transportation; to share exclusive insight into fire simulation on rolling stock from the perspective of a manufacturer. This session will be split into 3 key areas:

·         Providing a general overview in fire simulations whilst pinpointing its benefits in manufacturing

·         Focusing on the need for standardisation in fire simulation to fire simulation harmonisation

·         Highlighting the current effort and upcoming actions from the perspective of Bombardier Transportation

To find out more on this year’s agenda, please click here:  alternatively, you can email us for more details:

Countdown to Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2018