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Why this a key time for the fire protection world

The fire protection world is going through a vital period. In a year’s time, the deadline to meet the EN45545 norms will be reached, and staying behind is not an option. 

The 13th annual edition of Fire Protectionand Rolling Stock will cover all the updates in order to equip professionals with all the knowledge they need to ensure their products meet the standard requirements. This year’s edition will offer an expertly prepared agenda which will be delivered by prestigious representatives from the US Department of Transport, Bombardier, Hitachi and many more organisations.  

5 Reasons to attend this fire protection meeting

1.      The deadline is near, making this a crucial time to attend. You will gain vital industry feedback from key industry leaders on how to ensure compliance and improve lengthy and costly testing processes.

2.      We will have representatives from the EU Commission, who will be able to inform you first hand of the new implementations.

3.      This is our most international edition yet, with representatives from Japan, India and USA attending and offering broader perspectives on fire protection.

4.      We have a number of research institutes delivering real case studies and allowing you to check testing standards, something highly requested.

5.      This is the ideal opportunity to get together with peers and share best practice to help you stay informed on the latest updates.

If you wish to stay ahead of the game in the fire protection world then this is the time to attend. Visit for more information or contact us at

Countdown to Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2018