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About Us

Welcome to the 10th annual Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2018 Conference: the key industry event to showcase major innovations for designing, implementing and upgrading tunnel fire and safety projects. We’ve been organising events FPST for 10 years now and our conference is the leading industry event to cover all topics and aspects of tunnel safety.


Over 20 presenters will join us from across Europe and beyond to share insight on tunnel safety, these case studies illuminate best practice on reducing risk and managing fire when it occurs. The programme showcases leading examples of excellence in fire safety, not only from operators and owners but also the latest cutting edge technology to support tunnel management.

Each year we offer our attendees the opportunity to join us on an exclusive site visit to a local tunnel, helping put our theory into practice and giving our community to see first-hand how others develop and manage their fire safety practices.

We know our community values networking above all else and throughout FPST we incorporate extensive, informal breaks, drinks and dinners to ensure you can foster successful business relationships for the future.

Countdown to Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2018