About Us

Welcome to the 9th annual Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2017 Conference: the key industry event to showcase major innovations for designing, implementing and upgrading tunnel fire and safety projects. We’ve been organising events FPST for 9 years now and our conference is the leading industry event to cover all topics and aspects of tunnel safety.

You will receive entry to the event and will have an ‘access all areas’ pass to all of our sessions and networking events.

Key features:

We are the only event to cover road, rail and more recently, metro tunnels, which are separate entities in terms of regulatory structure and Directives, however much of the maintenance and fire protection systems are the same, and so there is enough crossover to warrant a conference on both.

  • All delegates will be offered the exclusive opportunity to engage in pre-arranged, private business meetings with selected organizations of their choice.
  • All attendees will be individually matched according to their immediate and future priorities.
  • Over 20 speakers from global companies taking part in a series of interactive sessions


As a result of the potential issues from accidents or fire, the European Commission have Directives in place to ensure tunnels are protected as much as possible. These Directives are often evolving, and require a certain amount of fire protection equipment to be installed into the tunnel, meaning cost. Tunnel owners and operators have to work hard to stay on top of the regulatory expectations.

The issue is that the risk of fire in tunnels is very low, particularly with the precautions which have already been taken by vehicle manufacturers, yet the potential impact of a fire can be devastating. For owners and operators it is about weighing up risk with cost.

It is clearer how to implement these safety features into new tunnels, although time consuming and costly with risk assessments and technology investment. However restoring older tunnels with these upgrades can be more complex, and there is some confusion as to the expectations for older tunnels in this way.