Welcome to the Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels Conference. We have now filled our programme and have a great agenda lined up. We explore the hottest topics of the insurance industry chosen by you.

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    • 12:30 - 13:15
      • Arrival and Registration

        The construction focus day will look at the construction stage of tunnelling on an interactive level with workshops to provoke discussion and network with industry experts and visit a real life tunnel-site.

      • 13:15 - 13:30
        • Chair

          Tony Cash – International President, Rail Industry Fire Association (UK)

        Workshop Day Chair's Opening Address

      • 13:30 - 14:30
        • Past Speaker

          Graham Green – President, Institute of Fire Safety Managers (UK)

        Workshop: Construction fire safety through the eye of a fire safety practitioner - Exploring a real life example of how to plan and implement fire safety arrangements for the construction stage whilst

        The process of building a tunnel is one that needs intensive collaboration, integration of knowledge and time. Being such an important stage, it needs to have thorough research and planning to make sure that resources are used efficiently. Guidance is taken from a real life example of a time a construction team collaborated together using best practice to produce a safe and protected tunnel to avoid future risks whilst also complying with the regulatory standards.

      • 14:30 - 15:30
        • Speaker

          Pierre Pimienta – Vice Head of Division - Safety, Structures and Fire Direction, CSTB

        Workshop: How best to enhance existing working relationships with peers to ensure tunnels are safe and protected to the maximum?

        Extremely important works are carried out in the frame of the Suez Canal extension. Among them, two tunnels are in construction in Port Said and in Ismailia. Both tunnels are intended to support the development of the region located east of the Suez.

        Ismailia tunnel is about 5 km long and will cross the old and the new Canal. It is composed of 2 tubes 12.6 m in diameter. Fire safety and structural integrity in case of fire are, of course, among the main concerns.

        In order to assess the fire behavior of the segmental lining, large scale fire resistance tests have been carried out in CSTB in France. Segments have been submitted to Modified Hydro Carbon temperature curve and mechanical loads as higher than 1 100 tons in order to simulate accident conditions. Context, tunnel design and test deign, experimental equipment, test method and analyses will be presented.

      • 15:30 - 18:30
        • Site Visit - Arna Tunnel, Bergen

          We're delighted to offer a site visit to the Arna Tunnel in Bergen, participants will have be given a presentation on the tunnel and will visit the construction site to see the creation of the tunnel live and will have the chance to explore the first 800 meters of this exciting development.