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What our 2016 attendees had to say …

Hear from last year’s attendees what they thought of our 8th annual FPST conference!

‘The conference had really interesting topics with good information about different programmes and possibilities to show the ways we can keep tunnels protected and safe where possible.’

‘There were really a good insight from fellow tunnel engineers and others in the industry which was great. I enjoyed hearing their experiences and how they dealt with challenges as I know understand what I should do and shouldn’t do.’

‘Overall, the conference was great and very proactive and interactive which was great. It was also great to hear about various projects as everyone’s experiences are really different and they have learnt a new method or way which we can adapt.’

‘It was an interesting experience to hear from others in the industry about their projects. The workshops were also great as it was interesting to understand the aspects on safety during the project phase and overall was an educational experience.’

Users want safe and protected processes and the tunnelling industry wants to prevent disasters from occurring wherever and whenever possible. But it is important to ensure that internal processes are aligned with this to gain a better understanding of how to do this in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Countdown to Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2018