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Why attend FPST 2018

While the primary focus of this event lies in Europe, Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels looks to present case studies from a global perspective, which demonstrate advances in safety. This event welcomes the following representatives from across the world in order to learn the best trialled approaches to risk minimisation.

Those who stand to take away the most from this event include:

From Tunnel Owners and Operators:

·        Safety

·        Fire Suppression/Detection/Prevention

·        Risk Prevention

·        Evacuation

·        Communications/Lighting

·        Operations

·        Infrastructure Planning

·        Design

·        Project Management

From Fire Brigades:

·        Head of Fire Safety

·        Head of Operations

·        Fire/ Safety Engineer

Government and Ministries:

·        Minister of Transport and Infrastructure

·        Minister of Rail

·        Minister of Road

Each year we create a holistic programme which delivers actionable content in a variety of formats. Gone are the days of death by powerpoint, you can take part in, round-table debates and networking sessions. We strive to create an engaging experience which meets the challenges of the tunnel industry.

We strictly limit the number of attendees in order to create an intimate environment where guests get interact with one another in a meaningful way. We purposefully design the event to avoid anonymous interactions and ensure attendees create lasting business relationships. Our focus is on ensuring all feel welcome whether you are a tunnel operator and owner or a solutions provider. We seek to find the common bond between each of our attendees as all in the tunnel industry are grappling with similar safety challenges.

Alongside our comprehensive sessions, we also bring together a selection of leading technology solution providers from around the world, who are on hand throughout the 2 days to offer advice and innovation, tailored solutions to meet your fire safety needs. We will feature live demonstrations, enabling you to get close to the technology and see first-hand what it can do to better protect users and infrastructure.

Countdown to Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2018