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Why attend GBPS 2018?

Global Brand Protection Summit provides a unique platform for executive level attendees from a range of industries including: Automotive, apparel, entertainment and luxury. The event asks important questions about the future of brand protection in the face of a dramatically changing landscape - the EU IP enforcement and trademark directives, global anti – counterfeiting, changing consumer behaviour and the continuing rise of online-counterfeiting.

In addition to the programme of talks and discussions, this event will offer a unique customised private one-to-one meetings platform, designed specifically to facilitate business development opportunities tailored to your specific requirements.

We invite you to become an active voice in this summit to shape the future of brand protection.

Celebrating its 9th year, GBPS has established itself as a leading event for brand protection and IP enforcement. Join us in The Netherlands to network, establish new business contact and discuss the following topics:

Evaluating the economic impact

Whereas counterfeiting is not a new challenge it is important to acknowledge that a few things have changed over the past few years. Counterfeiting has become a global enterprise and due to the lucrative nature and light penalties associated with its enforcement the scale and the danger element took counterfeiting to new heights.

Driving forward change

Even so, in recent years the counterfeiting industry has undergone one significant change. Counterfeiting has become a technically sophisticated industry. With the improved quality of the counterfeited products and evolving packaging technologies it often becomes difficult to identify and detect counterfeit goods flooding global markets. Growing e-commerce websites and the shift to digital media represent another challenge due to anonymity and lack of transparency in national regulations.

Areas we will explore include:

  • Brand security as a worldwide problem that is increasing and affecting many successful companies across all industries
  • The need to combat security risks before it is too late, particularly in a time where no brand or industry is immune to counterfeiting
  • Vital knowledge to make informed decisions is crucial; a company’s brand is its single most important asset
  • How current and prospective customers perceive a brand is key to its success

Ultimately, better strategies against brand violation will save brands time and money, and retain customer loyalty and trust in the brand

Countdown to Global Brand Protection Summit 2018