One to One Appointments

How Does It Work?

Delegate Qualification

The most influential Buyer delegates are selected and contacted personally; the Arena International Events team will ensure that they are central to strategic procurement decisions. In addition, an assessment of their business objectives and needs is compiled.

Pre-event set up Business Meetings

There are twenty 30 minute meeting slots available over the three main days of the event. For our suppliers we allocate a set number of meetings -usually as a guaranteed package of either 5 or 10 meetings over the three summit days.

Prior to the forum, all businesses registered to attend the event are provided with a full buyer/supplier participation list and a company profile outlining key objectives and main area of interest. Thereafter, both delegates and supplier companies are asked to grade in order of preference, those companies that they wish to meet; subsequently a meetings programme is issued based upon matching criteria’s and requests.

Supplier Invitation

Attending delegates at GEF 2014 are interested in product and services in the following areas:

  • Semiconductor/Chipset Solutions
  • Passive components
  • Active components
  • Embedded Systems
  • Display Technology
  • Sensor/Haptic Technology
  • Electronic Design
  • Power Supply/Management
  • Contract Manufacturing/EMS
  • Software
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Supply Chain PLM/Business Management/Consultancy

According to the strategic needs of the buyers, Arena International Events Group invited senior executives from leading supplier companies across the world who are able to offer suitable solutions to the challenges faced by the buyer delegates.

Itinerary of Meetings

One or two weeks before the event every supplier and buyer is sent their personalised Preliminary Schedule showing their itinerary of meetings at the summit. At this stage both supplier and buyer delegates review their meeting schedule and they have the opportunity to get back to us with any comments or to alter any meetings they no longer consider as appropriate.

Countdown to GEF Global Electronics Forum 2015