GEF 2013 Automotive Sector (click here for more details)

We are delighted to announce GEF 2013 will include a stream focused on automotive electronics.

Today’s vehicles have become the most high tech purchase a household will ever make with automotive electronics being critical to the smooth running of the car. Vehicles are containing more electronics content, computer chips and various software than ever.

The pace of change in the automotive sector is accelerating in line with changes to a more connected consumer lifestyle, higher safety standards and the drive from governments insisting on the use of more energy efficient fuels whilst cutting harmful emissions.

By increasing the electronics content of vehicles this creates improved connectivity and navigation for the driver, better passenger experience, fuel saving technology and more advanced safety technology. The future innovations in the automotive sector will undoubtedly be driven by electronics.

With that in mind GEF 2013 will be looking at the following key topics on our programme;

Electro Mobility

Automotive Lighting

Driver Assistance Systems and Future Trends

Infotainment Systems

Featuring the following speakers Peter Gresch the Chairman of the Automotive and E-Mobility Steering Committees  from ZVEI, Azmoon Ahmad the VP and MD  from Desay Autmotive, Joachim Mathes the Head of Driver Assistance Systems from Valeo and many more…

As well as the unique opportunity to meet automotive manufacturers and tier 1 companies.

Please see programme tab and download to see full details on the automotive stream.