GSEF is a unique event bringing together the end-to-end value chain of electronics development and production. Looking into the entire spectrum of challenge and opportunity for these fast-paced industries, GSEF offers you, as an attendee, the chance to a tailor-made experience on site. Whether the goal is to problem-solve, source, learn, network, invest or share ideas, GSEF provides numerous diverse features which will allow you to achieve your strategic objectives.


Customise your on site experience

NEW: Customise your on-site experience

Welcoming various industries and functions through its unique end-to-end offering, GSEF in 2015 is giving you, as participants, the opportunity to tailor your experience and ensure you gain as much value as possible.

Integrated, informed and interactive

NEW: Integrated, informed and interactive 2015 agenda

Moving away from the traditional powerpoint presentation format, the 2015 agenda has taken new shape.  Interactivity and discussion promote idea-sharing and problem solving; goals which every attendee wants to achieve.

Achieve your on site objectives

Achieving your on site objectives

Whether you are a product focussed designer, looking to meet an unmet industry need through innovation and idea-sharing, or a materials supplier convinced you can reduce operational costs for leading manufacturers, GSEF is the platform for you. With such a wide-reaching focus and audience, GSEF provides opportunity for you to achieve both your corporate and personal goals.

Informal Networking Opportunities

Informal Networking Opportunities

All GSEF attendees are cordially invited to attend the evening events. GSEF will host evening drinks and dinners to enhance your experience on site. We hope that these engagements will allow you to relax and recharge after a productive day, whilst continuing to add value to your trip through opportunities to network.Historically over 90% if GSEF participants have taken part in post-event activities, finding lucrative informal opportunities to continue conversations from the day.

Exploring Shanghai

Exploring Shanghai

Visit the spectacular city of Shanghai and experience all the history, culture and beauty this historic city has to offer.


Dr Tom Bradicich Picture

Dr Tom Bradicich

Vice President, Server Engineering, Hewlett-Packard

Countdown to GSEF - Global Semiconductor and Electronics Forum


“Ask Dr. Tom”
Roundtable Discussion Hosted by Dr. Tom Bradicich Vice President of Server Engineering at Hewlett-Packard

Dr Tom will host a roundtable discussion for those in the early stage of their career. Come and ask the most pressing questions and gain valuable insight on how to advance your career in the technology industry.