Dependable Wi-Fi access for your guests

Offering reliable Wi-Fi to guests is a necessity for hotels in today’s competing market.

A common challenge among hoteliers is how to add a reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout their property while keeping costs down and avoiding disruptions to business.

TeleAdapt’s new DeskPoint Pro™ is the solution. Designed specifically for providing a cost-effective way to add complete Wi-Fi coverage within a hotel infrastructure, DeskPoint Pro is a Wireless Access Point (WAP) that takes an existing Internet wiring network and converts it into a wireless signal, without costly new cable runs. One WAP provides both a wired and wireless access point for guests as well as a conveniently located side USB port for mobile device charging.

Engineered with an auto-channel assignment feature, DeskPoint Pro works right out of the box with most hotel Internet networks for a completely plug-and-play, interference-free installation. The only installation requirements are an Internet cable and power outlet. DeskPoint Pro also can support up to five SSIDs and seven VLANs, ideal for various back-of-house applications and tiered guest-facing user groups.

DeskPoint Pro works as a per-room WAP so it maintains reliable coverage in any building construction type. Provide 100% room-to-room wireless coverage, or use DeskPoint Pro in select locations to eliminate dead spots in existing coverage.

For more information, visit http://www.teleadapt.com

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