Keeping up with changes in travel behaviour following unstoppable sharing economy popularity

Over recent years, the hotel industry has had to work in full stride to outrun the ever growing increase in alternative providers such as Airbnb. Airbnb shows us that the sharing economy is going from strength to strength with their revenue increasing yearly and more and more users coming on board. The hotel industry can take a little breath though - many hoteliers believe that hotel customers look to hotels for a different experience that sharing economy accommodation cannot offer.

Whilst technology expectations and communication can strongly tackle the sharing economy, hotel groups such as ACCOR HOTELS have developed a new stream to their brand portfolio which takes inspiration from accommodation under the sharing economy and invites its guests and locals to a new age experience.

IHTF aims to provide you with takeaways that you can implement within your hotel business to meet the growing expectations and continue to drive future revenue growth. The marketing stream of this year’s event will discuss how we can design a marketing strategy that impacts the guest and creates a distinct experience that will increase revenue but attracting wider audiences such as millennials. 

Countdown to International Hotel Technology Forum 2018

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