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David VS Goliath – how can breakout brands compete against established players

It used to be as simple as water, tea, juice, carbonated drinks when it comes to soft beverage categories. However, with increasing value-added products that meet consumer desires for flavourful functional and healthy products, the emerging categories are fast growing.

With the trend, it is a question that many innovators in the space wondering how to win the shelf war. With emerging categories, it is important to know where your product best fits to deliver what your products want to serve to the consumers.

Renee Elliott, Co-Founder at Planet Organic is joining this year’s Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress to discuss this concern from a retailer’s view.

In her session, how consumer trends influence retailers’ choice of which beverages to stock and how manufacturers can best align their products will be explained. She is also going to demonstrate on how smaller companies can breakout in a crowded market against established players.

Are you are a brand owner with innovative products that consumers are looking for? Come join us for this session to learn about how to maximise your reach to the customers. Click below to register for your place!

Countdown to Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress 2018