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Where are we to meet increasingly complex consumer needs?

“Is it sugar free?” “Is it healthy for children?” “Is it with organic fruits?” “Is it containing vitamins?”

Picking up a drink has never been this complicated. The consumers are not only looking for a tasty drink, but healthy, natural and organic drink that can provide extra functions to boost up the day, enhance immune system or calm a stressful day down.

With the changing consumer needs, soft drink brands are seeking to optimise existing recipes as well as developing new products with healthier and natural ingredients and flavours.

This year’s Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress will serve to be a platform for all professionals in soft drink industry to examine where we are with the trend and learn different product development strategies.

The programme is full with insightful session from across all drink categories and speakers will be coming to share their experiences in the space from all over the Europe and beyond.

Stay ahead of the competition by attending this great educational and networking event. Click below to secure your place before it runs out!

Countdown to Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress 2018