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What our 2016 attendees had to say …

Hear from last year’s attendees what they thought of our launch event!

‘Visionary and informative, I know I can now take this information back and adapt these ideas to improve the ways we improve our customer processes. It was really interesting and eye-opening to see what others were up to.’

‘It was great to learn and gain awareness of why digital transformation is important and was inspiring’

The purpose of this event is to help you be inspired and to allow you to build connections and networks in those in your industry. Its all about sharing your concerns, issues and problems and to mainly see how we tackle them and find solutions for these in the future.

Customers want quick, uncomplicated and accessible processes and technology is one of the biggest and easiest way to achieve this. But we need to ensure that our internal processes are aligned with this which is why we want you to have that choice to gain a better understanding and for your time to be of value to both you and the future of your company.

Countdown to Digital Transformation In Insurance: Customer Engagement And Operational Agility 2018