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Established over 50 years OKALUX GmbH is a market leader in the production of specialist glazing units with integral inserts developed to maximise the natural daylighting of space combined with solar control and striking aesthetics.

Used in galleries, museums, commercial, civic and educational buildings the world-over their range of products include:

OKALUX + KAPILUX-       Various capillary slabs diffuse natural light into the room and control glare.

OKATECH -                          Woven and expanded metals provide variable solar shading.

OKASOLAR -                       Metal louvers for roof and façade applications with optional light re-direction onto ceiling.

OKAWOOD                         Timber louvers offering shading and a warm natural appearance with complimentary veneer spandrels.

OKAGEL -                             Highly insulated & light translucent glazing using “Lumira” aerogel.

OKALUX HPI -                    Highly insulated fully finished spandrels to complement the other OKALUX products.

OKACOLOR -                      Free form organic digital printing to glass & capillary materials.

Fire-rating upto E60 classification available on many products.

As OKALUX’s UK agent, VENA Ltd.’s Director has worked closely with OKALUX for over 9 years and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your projects with you.



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