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Onyx Solar

Onyx Solar is the global leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic glass for buildings. A transparent or colored Low-E glass capable of generating clean and free energy from the sun, which allows buildings to produce on-site the electricity they need and maximizes the performance of the building’s envelope, by filtering out harmful UV & IR radiation. These outstanding properties significantly reduce the natural heat build-up inside of buildings and thus dramatically reduce the consumption destined to climatization purposes.

The photovoltaic glass, which presents identical structural properties to those of conventional glass used in construction, can be customized in accordance to the customer’s needs and fully adapted to a building’s façades, curtain walls, skylights, canopies or even floors.

Onyx Solar has already participated in more than 130 projects in all five continents and its leadership has been also recognized by more than 35 awards.

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  • Address:
    Calle Rio Cea, 1.46, Avila 05004

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